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That melody, for me it's my whole life, when I hear it, for me . . . one day, I was at my place . . . it was playing . . . she was at my side, a woman, magnificient, beautiful . . . I took her hands and caressed it like this on top, on top like this . . . I asked her 'Do you love me?', she told me 'No!' and so . . . I bought the record because that music for me, it had . . . it's a mass hysteria all my own . . . One day I was at my place . . . I put the turning, turning . . . in my head . . . I was dizzy! She was sitting by my side . . . it wasn't the same one, it was another . . . Ah! she wasn't as beautiful as the first one . . . at last . . . I took her hand . . . then I began to caress it underneath, to change it a little. One can't always do the same thing . . . I asked her 'Do you love me?' . . . she said 'Yeah, yeah' . . . But I didn't love her . . . So I broke the record . . hopla! One day I turned on the radio. It was playing. That one! and why that one instead of another? She was sitting at my side . . . she was sitting on . . . a third one . . . I took hold of her hand . . . and I started to caress it in both ways because I wanted to get it over and done with . . . it was starting to irritate me a bit. I asked her 'Do you love me?' She told me 'Yes, sir.' I asked her 'Will you give me your hand?' She told me, 'You've had it for the last ten minutes in your own.' It's true what I said. So, then, I kept her. Ten years! Ten year! This song, I can't take it any longer, I can't bear it any longer, that melody. You hear it?