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(Pierrot Goes Crazy)
directed by Jean-Luc Godard


for 1024 x 768 and 800 x 600



Ferdinand: Past the age of fifty, Velasquez no longer painted anything concrete and precise. He drifted through the material world, penetrating it, as the air and the dusk. In the shimmering of the shadows, he caught unawares the nuances of color which he transformed into the invisible heart of his symphony of silence . . .

Ferdinand: They must be showing Johnny Guitar down there; it's good she's getting the right education. We see too many squares.

Ferdinand: I've always wanted to know exactly what is movies.
Samuel Fuller: The film is like a battleground. Love, Hate, Action, Violence, and Death. In one word, Emotion.

Marianne Renoir

Marianne: Have you killed a man before, Pierrot?
Ferdinand: My name is Ferdinand. Why do you ask?

Marianne: They just say . . . 115 dead. It's like photographs. They've always fascinated me. You see a still photograph of some man or other, with a caption underneath. He was a coward perhaps, or pretty smart. But at that precise instant when the photograph was taken, no one can say what he actually is, and what he was thinking exactly . . .

A story . . .
. . .
I knew some people
An organization

A story . . .
I knew some people
You were lovers
Using my apartment

It was an adventure film . . . It was a love story

Ferdinand: Ugh . . . always fire, blood, war

Vietnam War according to Godard

Ferdinand: It's the man in the moon . . . He's crossing himself like mad . . . Because he's fed up. When he saw Leonov land on the moon, he was happy. At long last someone to talk to! Since the beginning of time, he's been only inhabitant of the moon. But Leonov tried as hard as he could to force the entire works of Lenin into his head.

Ferdinand: So, as soon as White landed, on his trip, he went for refuge with American. He'd not had time to say hello, before White stuffed a bottle of Coca-Cola down his throat, demanding that he said thank you beforehand. No wonder he's fed up. He's leaving the Americans and Russians to fight their battles down below. He's getting out.

Marianne: Where's he going to go?
Ferdinand: He's coming here

Chapter Eight. A season in hell

Marianne: You see I was right five years ago. We will never understand each other. What am I to do? . . . I don't know what do do . . . What am I to do? . . . I don't know what to do.

Chapter Eight. A season in hell

Ariane . . . sea
soul . . . bitter

We are carefully looking for that moment when one abandons the fictional character in order to discover the true one if such a thing exists.

Ferdinand: Where are you living at the moment?
Marianne: With you, of course, you idiot! I'm staying with you! I have been looking for you everywhere.

Marianne: Pierrot le Fou!
Ferdinand: My name is Ferdinand. I have told you often enough. Christ almighty! You bore me to death!

Devos: Ah! It's that melody there. You've no idea what it evokes in me. You can hear that melody, can't you?
Ferdinand: No, I can't hear anything.
Devos: That melody, for me it's my whole life.

Ferdiand: 'Do you love me?'

It was the first, it was the only dream

Ferdinand: What . . . I would like to say . . . Oh! oh! . . . why . . . after all . . . I am stupid . . .

Ferdinand: Oh shit! . . . beautiful death for . . .

She's found again . . .


It is the sea . . . run away . . .
With the sun . . .